Mains London, the Revival

Mains London, the Revival

by James Nuttney

Skepta is furthering his reach into the fashion world, as the UK based rapper has announced that his own fashion label, Mains London, will be debuting a relaunch collection at Londons upcoming fashion week.

Skepta is one of the UK’s most acclaimed rappers and a pioneer for the grime genre in the UK, acting as a figure head in allowing the grime scene to reach a global recognition. Skepta’s reaches have gone far, collaborating with artists such as A$AP Rocky, Wiz Kid and Drake.

This is not first time we’ve seen movement behind Mains and Skepta, back in 2018 Skepta and Naomi Campbell were photographed wearing matching Mains underwear. Since then there have been many speculations and teasers surrounding Mains, with Skepta even being spotted wearing new designs at Wimbledon and Silverstone in the past month.

Mains is not Skepta’s only creative output as the rapper has dabbled in art installations with Sotheby’s, debuting his very own artwork titled, “Mama Goes to Market (2020)”. Skepta’s creative endeavours don’t end here, being close friends with Virgil Abloh acted as a pool of knowledge and inspiration along with Skepta’s Big Smoke Corporation which has recently signed with Puma. And we can’t forget the multiple Nike collaborations featuring multiple Air Max 97s, Nike Shox TL and Air Max Tailwind’s.

The new Mains collection is being designed by Skepta in collaboration with the new Mains head of design Mikey Pierce, along with graphic designs from Johnson Orchid. Together the trio is cooking up some heat, the collection will be displayed at the London fashion week 8pm GMT on September the 16th.


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