Don't Sleep On Kang!

Don't Sleep On Kang!

by James Nuttney

There’s no better way to begin this article by making it clear that you shouldn’t sleep on Kang, the Maryland based artist has recently hit our radar and shocked us with his purely prodigious music. When speaking with Kang he made it clear that “versatility is key”, wanting listeners to hear a variety of genres through his discography. Every aspect of his music embodies this perspective, when listening to Kang’s music you are taken through a journey across a range of different genres which all work cohesively together to create an exciting and fresh listening experience. This versatility can be seen through a comparison between his songs “Status Quo” and his newest song “DAY5”, both absolute bangers. Though the tracks are different and a product of entirely seperate influences and inspiration, when listened to side by side they are cohesive with each other while keeping the listening experience fresh. 

VOL.2: What do you want people to gain from listening to you music?

 Kang - The number one thing I want people to get from my music is to enjoy themselves. I want people to feel like they can let themselves be human, and feel all the things that come with the human experience.

VOL.2: What inspires you to make music?

 Kang - What inspires me to make music is the ability to make people feel good. Whether that be through laughing, crying, singing, dancing, etc. I think music (and other forms of entertainment) is equivalent to magic because it can change the world around us.

VOL.2: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

 Kang - I draw musical inspiration from acts like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, MJ, Freddie Mercury, Hozier, Pierce the Veil, Big Time Rush, Flavour, P-square, Asake and so many others. I grew up listening to a whole lot of genres and artists, every single one of them has impacted the way I make music in some way shape or form.

To top it off, songs such as “Focus” and “Honey in the Clouds” exhibit Kang’s versatility as an artist as his vocals in these songs can only be described as heavenly.

When listening to Kang every song is a fresh and new experience, when one song ends and another starts a feeling of curiosity is evoked as to what could be coming up next. Always managing to keep his listeners wondering and drawn in, it wouldn’t be wise to sleep on Kang, his growth can’t be ignored. 

Listen to Kang now on Spotify and Apple Music.

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