The Jacket All The Ski Brands Should See

The Jacket All The Ski Brands Should See

by James Nuttney

Most skiers know the pain of finishing a long day of skiing or waking up early and having to carry your skis while waiting for the bus, walking back to the chalet or walking to the slopes. Being a skier myself it's personally the most annoying part of the day.

Leading to the creation of a ski jacket that has a built in sleeve that can carry your skis. The skis can be simply slipped through a sleeve which is anchored horizontally to the wearers chest allowing the skis to hang from your chest freely. When at the slopes the skis can be removed and attached to your feet as you normally would, the sleeve can then be unbuckled from your chest and slipped onto your arm and secured. This ensures the sleeve doesn't get in the way while you are skiing. 

Many peoples first thought when seeing the jacket with the skis attached is "How do you walk through a door" and while the jacket is not compatible with doorways, the simple solution to this issue is that there would be no situation where you would need to wear the jacket with the skis attached while inside or walking inside. 

The only question remaining is when is the collab with The North Face 

Designer: James Nuttney