A Must Know Emerging Designer

A Must Know Emerging Designer

by James Nuttney

In the ever growing world of fashion it seems like new brands are popping up daily, among this hot pot of designers and brands some stand against the rest. Located in New Delhi, India Perte D'ego is one designer who stands out among the rest.

With a clear design characteristic Perte D'ego defines the meaning of luxury through their garments. As stated on their website "Necessary Luxury" is a core value within Perte D'ego, defined by the combination of the luxury resources and expert craftsmanship put into the garments. Adopting a quality over quantity philosophy the garments are all hand made by artisans in very limited quantities, as the brand has also taken up a zero waste philosophy meaning the garments are only made in small batches. 

Photo: Credits (Perte D'ego Floral Jaal Lace Shirt)

Perte D'ego has a clear brand identity and self constructed style informing their garment designs. Consisting of intricate floral patterned fabrics and lace work, their designs evoke a sense of vintage luxury reimagined with a modern colour palette. Along with detailed and precise hand embroidery Perte D'ego has constructed a unique and exciting style much of their own.   

You'd be crazy to sleep on Perte D'ego as their unique style is unmatched, update your wardrobe with some summer essentials from Perte D'ego. 

Website: https://pertedego.com/